Genoa has a wide range of restaurants and bars. Some have a long standing tradition, others are very new and exciting for the specialties they offer. Quality slow-food and a very enjoyable surrounding is common to many of these often smaller places. Select your most favorite ones.  Viewing by opening this blog page fully, you will find some of my suggestions which may suit you and make your stay even more pleasant.



Other convenient and interesting restaurants in town to discover are:

Cavour 21, Piazza Cavour 21r, 16128, Genova Tel 3938511140 – known for the best pesto in the world. Very conveniently priced.
Mangiabuono, Vico Vegetti 3/R, 16123 Genova Tel. 010-250501 – excellent local kitchen.
Sciuscia & Sciorbi, 25 Aprile, 32r, Genova Tel 348-8391924 – Pizza of a special kind
Glo Glo, Piazza Lavagna, 19, 16123 Genova, Tel 342 5748457 convenient for a dinner in the open air
Il Pasto di Varsavia, Via San Donato, 13, Genova, Tel 342 1438384 to eat differently – try the Gulash their speciality
Bottega del Conte,  Via delle Grazie, 47, Genova, Tel 010 2468356 a Bar for a wonderful discovery
Trattoria Ugo, Via dei Giustiniani, 86, 16123 Genova Tel 010 246 9302 – Typical local food – booking required
Ostaia do Castello, Salita S. Maria di Castello, 15, 16123 Genova, Tel 010 860 2064 very close to the apartment “Maria”
La Sosta degli Artisti, Via di S. Donato, 55, 16123 Genova Tel 010-24666149 – Pizza of high quality
Osteria San […]