This guide is a contribution from G.R. Horn, one of our guests, who has contributed, to make also your stay a pleasant experience.


Passo dei Giovi – Crocetta d’Orero

This walk takes about two to three hours and is, once again, perfect for an afternoon (or morning) excursion. To get to the Passo dei Giovi, follow the steps described in the previous walk. Upon leaving the bus, simply head in the other direction, following the ubiquitous red-and-white AV signs. This walk leads through an alternating landscape of meadows and forests and passes a major pilgrimage site. The Passo dei Giovi (472 m) and Crocetta d’Orero (469m) are located at almost precisely equal altitude, but to get from one to the other you will need to saunter up and down a few hillsides, none of them of any particular difficulty. After the first half hour of a gentle climb, you reach the Santuario Nostra Signora della Vittoria The artistic treasures of the pilgrimage site are well worth the effort, but note also the spacious restaurant and bar!

The final descent to Crocetta d’Orero is slightly steeper than the other portions of this gentle stroll. After crossing the local road in Crocetta, go down to the train station stop, where you will be in line for another treat: the ride on the quaint, old-fashioned single-track railway leading from Casella to Genova (one stop beyond Crocetta d’Orero towards the north). Consult for the schedule and much more. But before stepping into the iron-wrought carriages of the ancient train, stop by the Antica Trattoria “Del Bado” right next to the train stop for a drink. If you happen to get there at dinner time, or on Saturdays and Sundays during the lunch hour, why not indulge in a tasty meal before making the descent into the bustling metropolis. But beware: the Antica Trattoria is closed on Thursdays!