This guide is a contribution from G.R. Horn, one of our guests, who has contributed, to make also your stay a pleasant experience.


Crocetta di Orero – Colle di Creto

This walk is just as easy as Walk No. 2. To get to the starting point, take the quaint railway from Genova to Casella, but don’t forget to get off at Crocetta di Orero, just a few stops before the final destination of Casella. Retrace your steps to the road above the rail line. Then go east along the well-marked (AV signs abound) trail which goes fairly steeply uphill. Once you have climbed the hill, the trail continues to go up and down across various outcroppings, all of them allowing for excellent views in all directions, weather permitting. At roughly the halfway point of this walk, at a location marked Sella on the map, some guidebooks promise a refreshment stand. When this walker passed by Sella, there was no such outlet to be seen, but then I walked this trail in early November. The final descent from Monte Carossino to Creto was a leisurely descent across open meadows, with marvellous views to the higher peaks towards the east. Creto itself has a number of bars and restaurants on offer. For those readers who like to watch movies in fresh mountain air, a special treat awaits you in Creto. The Movie House (Via di Creto 117/1) is perched right on the edge of the precipice leading straight down the mountainside from Creto into the Val Bisagno. Here you can choose from any number of drinks and a food menu, and you can rest in the outside Hollywood Garden while gazing at the Mediterranean in the far distance below. If the timing is right, especially on weekend evenings, the owners organise real life movie showings in the cosy, small theater inside! Why not call ahead? The phone number is 3473125951. The walk itself should last no longer than two-and-a-half or, at most, three hours. To get back to the Vico della Rosa, you need to take the blue Ali bus. The last one currently leaves shortly after 7pm. When I took it, the drive from Creto, located just above 600 m altitude, down to the Val Bisagno was a marvelous and even slightly scary ride. It had turned dusk, and the lights beckoned from far below, while the huge bus wound its way down the hairpin curves to Doria. The bus ends in Molassana. Walk down the main road a hundred yards or so, and you will find plenty of buses that will take you back to Genova la Superba